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Reconciliation week, 2023

With Reconciliation Week coming up on May 27th- June 3rd, I think it is an important time to not  only reflect on where we are as a country, but also contemplate how far we still have to go to be  reconciled with its First Nations people. 

While having Reconciliation as a whole, and having a week that celebrates Reconciliation is great,  it is still a political initiative that really favours the Government. 

How can we really believe in, commit to, and celebrate Reconciliation, when the Government has  drowned out the past for so long, and denied the general community knowledge of the true  history of this Country?? 

The Government has denied and concealed the history of the First Nations Peoples of this country from everyone. Because of this, people are left unsure of what they in fact they need to  be sorry for, and therefore this defeats the purpose of what Reconciliation stands for. 

If we as a Country genuinely want to be moving forward AS ONE COUNTRY, and not maintain a  divided country as it currently is, then we need to be talking more about such things like the  Uluru Statement from the Heart and a genuine Treaty process. 

For a lot of people who do not know, Australia is the only Commonwealth Country IN THE  WORLD, that does not have a Treaty with the First Peoples of their Country. This says something  about the core psyche of Australia and its ongoing treatment of First Nations Peoples. 

A Treaty would help our country move forward by enabling a healing process and having a set of  legally enforceable and tangible outcomes that benefit both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal  Australians. It would give Aboriginal people a voice and instil hope for the future, instead of  perpetuating the status quo of Governments and Politicians speaking and making decisions for  us, and on our behalf. 

During Reconciliation Week this year, I encourage you to all open your mind, look into the Uluru  Statement from the Heart, look into a what a Treaty is, and how it could benefit the whole of  Australia and Aboriginal people. Talk about it within your classrooms and with your students, as  they are the next generation of leaders to make change. Talk about it within your workplace  and look at what you can do to support change and challenge racism and inequity. Staying silent  and sticking to safe conversations does not achieve anything. It maintains the status quo and  perpetuates the inequalities that continue to exist. 

Be an advocate and make your comment known. 

Offend your friends & family if you have to  

Speak Up 
Speak Loud 
Make Change 
Make a Difference 
Change the World
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